As a family, we are breaking new ground together. In doing so, each of us contributes our own ideas and personality to make the Jufenalm a very special place.

- Family Rohrmoser -





Stefanie is the good soul of the Jufenalm. Even as a child, she knows every corner of the house and is involved in the business with dedication and warmth between the kitchen and hospitality. Today, as the manager, she is primarily concerned with the well-being of staff and guests. She lives for the Jufenalm, keeps everything together behind the scenes and ensures smooth processes in the back office and in the operational business.

She brings calm and balance to the often bustling hotel and family routine, is guaranteed to have the perfect solution ready for every challenge, big or small, and is always on hand to lend a hand wherever necessary. Ultimately, everyone should have a good feeling at the Jufenalm - and when the family and the guests are doing well, she is doing well too!

Creative visions and the urge to create drive Bernhard's thoughts and actions. It's a good thing that the right manual skills are right at hand. Between the management, the kitchen and the caretaker's office, he is on hand in all areas to lend a hand and put ideas into practice - whether it's a large-scale planned renovation or spontaneous tasks in day-to-day business.

With his motivating and infectious manner, he wins over staff and guests alike and makes nothing seem impossible. Without him, the Jufenalm would certainly not have become the place it is today.







Benjamin is responsible for the hotel's marketing and ensures a clear view towards the future. With his creative and eloquent manner, he succeeds in bringing the beauty of the Jufenalm to the outside world and always getting the best out of people and opportunities.

His openness and curiosity always give him new ideas about where the Jufenalm could go in the future. At the same time, he knows exactly how to convince others of his ideas, persistently stands up for his convictions and is certain that tried and tested structures sometimes have to be broken up in order to create space for new paths and the extraordinary.

Kimberly is the aesthete of the family. She convinces with unerring taste and is particularly present in the design of the hotel and restaurant with a love of detail and a sense of style. She ensures a uniform line in the beautiful things, ambitiously goes ahead with innovative ideas and often also helps with organisational matters with this clarity.

The boho lifestyle reflects her own personality - in the new concept she can express herself creatively and bring a breath of fresh air to the Jufenalm, convincing everyone with structure and vision for small gestures and for the big picture.



We wish you a good time and unforgettable moments with us at the Jufenalm!

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