Marriage in the Jufenalm

Memories for a lifetime

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The most beautiful day

In the most beautiful place in the world


An unforgettable celebration

with love to the smallest detail


In seventh heaven

Also culinary

Marriage in the Jufenalm

We at the Jufenalm believe that the most beautiful day in life also deserves the most beautiful place. And we believe to have found it here with us: Because where better to say "I do" than at 1150m, where heaven and earth touch?

Our claim is clear: We want your celebration of love to be unforgettable and the memories of it to shine throughout a lifetime: The solemn wedding ceremony in front of our historic Jufenkapelle in the impressive backdrop of the mountain panorama should give you a fantastic feeling, the exuberant wedding celebration including culinary accompaniment in our exclusive locations in Bohemian style should provide for shining eyes, great stories and moments full of happiness. Thereby all seasons in the mountains offer their very own charm and make every small or big wedding with us incomparable.

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From the first to the last step. We take care of a smooth and uncomplicated process.

Magic is something you make. Here's to a magical and individually perfect wedding!

An unforgettable feast


For your wedding here with us in the Jufenalm, you can choose from three different packages with a wide range of content and respective extras.

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