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Bohemian Spirit in the Alps

We bring the boho vibe to Maria Alm, Austria


Boho meets alpine

Alpine food culture reinterpreted


make freedom tangible

Surrounded by meadows and forests

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Exclusive Sky Suites

Panoramic glazing and stylish terraces offer a breathtaking view

We've been dreaming of creating something new for a while. An original that is extraordinary, casual and honest. We get a little bit closer to this dream every day. Our desire for change and innovation drove us to dare something new. Something we as a family stand behind.

Out of conviction, we believe in the power of diversity - in the fact that many perspectives deliver the best possible result and that we can achieve more together. This is reflected in our own lives, in the family business and now once again in our new hotel concept. We want to create a place of freedom where it can be lived and felt. 1.150 meters above sea level, where the air is very clear and the Steinernes Meer lies at our feet: the new Jufenalm.

bohemian spirit

in the Alps

For us, "Bohemian Spirit" means freedom, lightness and cosmopolitanism. All values ​​that we want to live and work by as a family.

We are convinced that exactly these values ​​also make up the fantastic place in which we live. And we firmly believe that a hotel should reflect the beauty of its surroundings. In front of our door there is a magnificent view and precious peace, the feeling of freedom and earth. And that's exactly what we want to live and feel according to the "Bohemian Spirit".

Spend energizing, enjoyable days in an impressive setting in the new Jufenalm

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Bohemian spirit meets alpine


meets alpine

Original Austrian food culture reinterpreted, combined with modern, natural and vegan dishes

The Jufenalm is breaking new ground. Also in the culinary field. In addition to the familiar and authentic Austrian dishes, from August we will also be offering you contemporary, innovative creations with a modern spirit. This is how we combine our standards in a promising way and offer all our guests unique taste experiences. Seasonal products from local producers are always the focus of our kitchen and create a unique culinary variety that inspires.

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Sky suites


Our exclusive boho-style sky suites make unlimited freedom tangible - with their panoramic glazing and stylish terrace, they offer a breathtaking view of the mountains, while the skylight above the gallery invites you to dream under the starry sky.

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In addition to endless expanses and untouched nature, the Jufenalm also offers a wide range of leisure activities for those seeking peace and quiet and adventurers. With us on site and in the surrounding area, you will certainly not be bored: whether with a romantic candle light dinner, a picnic between forest and meadow or while observing majestic red deer and mouflon in the unique expanse of the mountain landscape. We have a colorful variety of individually configurable options for a breathtaking and unforgettable holiday.

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