Bohemian Spirit

Freedom, lightness and cosmopolitanism


The modern Treehouse

Boho meets alpine


Feel freedom

at the natural pool "Golden Lake


Come to rest

in our Sky Suites

Bohemian Spirit meets the Alps

Our philosophy

Calm earthy colours, natural materials and selected elements in boho design characterise our style and are, alongside the still existing alpine "Originals" rooms & suites, the cornerstones for our new concept.

For us, "Bohemian Spirit" means freedom, lightness and openness to the world. All values that we also want to live and work by as a family.

We are convinced that these very values also make up the fantastic place where we live. And we firmly believe that a hotel should reflect the beauty of its surroundings. A grandiose view and precious tranquillity, the feeling of freedom and earth, await on our doorstep. And that's exactly what we want you to live and feel here, in keeping with the "Bohemian Spirit".

The family

The facts

Stefanie Rohrmoser

Bernhard Rohrmoser
Benjamin Rohrmoser
✘ Kimberly Rohrmoser

1936 - Jufenalm in family ownership for the first time

1994 - Getting to know Steffi & Bernhard

1997/2000 - Birth of the current Jufenalm generation

2013 - First major conversion (18 rooms)

2021 - The Jufenalm, the first Boho Hotel in the Alps

More about the fam


Places and people shape us. They give us a sense of who we are, who we can be and what is possible in life. The story of our family and the Jufenalm began in 1936, when our great-grandfather bought the land along with the alp. A lot has happened since then. What originally started very small has become more and more over the years and generations what it is today. Stefanie was born up here on the Jufen before she grew up on her father's Brimbach farm in Maria Alm. Nevertheless, from childhood onwards she spent all her holidays on the Jufenalm between the inn and country life with Uncle Louis and Godmother Rosa, today's senior chefs. At the age of 14, she finally decided to stay up here. After all, dedication unites and it was possible to manage her A-levels parallel to her everyday life in the restaurant. Even then, Stefanie saw the potential of the place and even if innovations always take a while, she was often able to assert herself and go innovative ways on a small scale. It was clear to her early on that she would continue to run the family business, because she has always known every move and lives for the Jufenalm. In Bernhard she then found a man who was fully committed. Together they decided to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Jufenalm with its isolated location at 1150m and to once again create a place that inspires as a home and above all as a hotel and restaurant, that gives you strength and that you always want to come back to! In the meantime, Benjamin and Kimberly are also fully involved in the business and ensure a clear direction for the future. The first renovation in 2013 laid the foundation for this, and in 2021 it was time to venture even bigger.

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