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Experience the unique time before the arrival of your little miracle and give yourself a time-out full of yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and preparation for the magical journey of birth.

Breathe in deeply. Immerse yourself in breathing techniques that promote a calm and relaxed pregnancy and birth. Your breath becomes a guide to help you enjoy this special time to the full. Open your heart wide. Strengthen the connection to your baby with every yoga session. Every movement becomes a loving dance that deepens the heart connection between you and your growing child. Trust in your body. Create a deep trust in your body's powerful ability to give new life. Each exercise is a tender reminder of the inner strength you carry within you, especially for the moment of birth. Let go. Recognize the importance of your pelvic floor and how you can purposefully let go. During this time of letting go, you prepare yourself not only physically but also mentally for the birth to come.

Relax completely. Get through this exciting time with a serenity that radiates from within. Learn exercises that not only help to prevent or alleviate pregnancy discomfort, but also create moments of pure relaxation. Each exercise is a loving gesture to yourself and to the little life growing inside you.

The magical journey to birth


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17.00 hrs


Arrival & getting to know tee

In the evening


Calming yoga, breathing exercises, meditation

10.00 a.m.


Yoga for mother & baby, breathing exercises, meditation


17.00 hrs

Workshop - Confident birth, EFT tapping technique, partner massages

10.00 a.m.


Yoga - trust and letting go, breathing exercises, meditation


17.00 - 18.00

Yoga - Open heart for your baby, breathing exercises, meditation, Blessingway

10.00 a.m.


Yoga - relaxed back, breathing exercises, meditation, farewell



The expert

Hello, I am Conny, proud mom of 3 wonderful children and my home is Saalfelden. I realized early on that I have the ability to ground people and give them peace. During the three phases of my own pregnancies and births, I was able to experience how essential relaxation and trust in your own body are. It was a journey that made it clear to me what possibilities open up when you don't give in to fear, but actively deal with it and find trust in yourself.

These experiences gave rise to my desire to help expectant mothers (re)discover their confidence and inner strength during this unique phase through yoga, targeted breathing exercises, meditation, useful knowledge and a pinch of magic moments. It is my passion and concern to accompany expectant mothers on their journey so that they can enter the wonderful world of motherhood with strength, calmness and confidence.


We offer delicious, healthy meals lovingly prepared by our kitchen team. We are happy to accommodate your individual dietary needs and provide options for intolerances or requests. Enjoy a culinary experience tailored to your needs. Please indicate any requests or intolerances in the comments field. Good to know: Together or just you, for yourself at your personal retreat.

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Relax amidst the enchanting backdrop of our yoga retreat and immerse yourself in the world of yoga practices and meditation. Divided into cozy "Originals" and extraordinary "Bohemians", our total of thirty individual and modern rooms & suites offer the perfect retreat and enough space for well-being and serenity.

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